The project is a joint venture of different research organizations which participate in the project, bringing their unique and specific analytic tools and skills. Each participant is expected to bring financial and research resources.

The Research Program is open to research centres on the basis of mutual agreements. Research candidates to the network and the venture should present an application illustrating their motivations, background, and financial and research resources.

The Research program is supported by sponsor memberships. All sponsors are provided with the basic package: a yearly research report, access to the Research program's Internet website, and a week-long seminar every year.

Three levels of access through different kinds of memberships are proposed, allowing additional benefits:

- One-Year Members receive the basic package presented above for a period of one year.

- Three-Year Members participate for three years in a specific research project.

- Five-Year Members participate for five years in a specific research project, and are member of the Advisory Board of the Research program.